10 Jhoola Decor Ideas For Your Mehandi Ceremony
05.07.2018 14:14

Indian weddings imbibe the rich tradition and culture that is visually appealing and exquisite. If you are getting married, then you need to know that your Mehendi ceremony offers more enjoyment than the wedding itself. So, spice up the pre-wedding function with the swing to rock and roll in style. You need the special seating arrangement for sitting comfortably in solace after long hours of putting hennas. The jhoolas with a unique touch add the cutesy element and new age panache to your wedding. Make your Mehendi ceremony one big celebration with the creative assistance of the event organiser in Jaipur.

  1. Show Stopper Swing: If you opt for a conservative wedding theme, then the old style swing adorned with bold and vibrant colored flowers will give it a genuine and alluring look. The destination wedding planner in India can make the swing a show stopper at your Mehendi ceremony with the creative decoration.

  2. Mishmash Swing: Go a little over the top with the best combination of colorful flowers, textured leaves, and vibrant paper designs to make the swing attractive. The sassy and dream design will become the center of attraction will all your guests admiring it.

  3. Eco-friendly Swing: Are you an environment conscious bride? Then, opt for the jhoola decked with different textures of greens to imbibe the trend of hanging swings without extravaganza. The event organiser in Jaipur will understand your ideas and execute it with creativity to make a statement

  4. DIY Swing With A Trendy Touch: The cheap and economical swing adorned with colored glass and paper-cut designs will amplify the beauty of the swing without compromising on style. You get the trendy swing without burning a hole in our pockets.

  5. Romantic Swing: Transform the jhoola to resemble a fairytale setting with the fairy lights that give it a dreamy and romantic look. The destination wedding planner in India uses different series of colored light to create a powerful look without using flowers or other adornments.

  6. Floral Love Birds: Looking for an exclusive design, which exudes elegance without being exuberant, then opt for the swing with floral lovebirds. With extra decoration using the paper flowers, the swing will enhance the exquisiteness for your Mehendi ceremony.

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  7. Simple Swing Against Dreamy Background: A simple swing placed against a dreamy, elegant and beautifully made background exudes class and sophistication. The event organiser in Jaipur offers you a gentle yet refreshing decorated swings with a contrasting floral backdrop to make an impact on your guests.

  8. Coachella Swing: Single swing decorated with leaves and flowers is swoon-worthy as it makes you look like a fairytale princess. The absolutely stunning design will make you the center of attraction as your guests can never take their eyes off you.

  9. Circular Swing With White Flowers: If you want your jhoola simple yet make a statement, then the circular sing adorned with white flowers and green tendrils is the apt one for you. The destination wedding planner in India can make your vision come true with perfection.

  10. Floral Curtains: Bring a twist to the jhoola concept by pairing a creative chair with the floral curtain to enhance the appeal. The floral jhaali draped around the sofa or seat will mimic the swing and make everyone go gaga.

Get the crazy yet stunning bridal seats with a professional planner to take the twirls, stunning selfies, beautiful photos, and enjoy the pre-wedding ceremony with comfort.


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