Awesome mandap decor ideas for your special Day
10.05.2018 00:50

What is the first thing that your guests notice as they walk into the wedding venue? It is the decoration, the venue, the mandap, and of course you! But, haven’t you always wanted to get married under a dreamy sky or that beautiful mandap which looks straight out of those wedding magazines? Of course, you have! So, what if we tell you that you can spin around a few ideas and get that mandap sequence working right for you? Let’s explore the best mandap ideas trending this wedding season.

Well, it is obvious that you would be confused about the mandap decoration. Everything else is so beautiful that you want the decor to stand out any day. What should be the color, what should be the pattern, what should be the lights like, all these questions can get too difficult to answer if you do not have a clear picture of what you want? Read on for ideas that might help you get that clarity regarding the kind of mandap that you would want on your wedding day.

  1. Day wedding go for softer hues: Those shades of pink, mauve, white and everything pastel gives a beautiful look to the mandap. Because it is a day wedding, you do not need to go berserk about the lights either. However, play around with the natural lights and get it just right. Deck it up with your favorite flowers and be mandap ready. If flowers aren’t flattering, go for those showpieces and topiaries which bring out the beauty of the mandap in no time at all.

  2. Do it simple: A wedding decorator in Jaipur would always recommend you keep things simple. The reason is you can decorate that stage in all the grandeur you want. Keeping the mandap grand as well make sit redundant. So, it is recommended that you keep either component a tad bit toned down such that it looks sophisticated and elegant instead of adding all the bling and making the mandap look like a gawdy bride!

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  3. Did you know lights work wonders and so do those candles?: Candles are not meant just for your tables. You can stretch it a bit and use it to make a beautiful mandap decor. It might sound cliched, but it is different. The idea with which you incorporate it makes more sense any day. Use those medium rise columns to customize and use the candles to your preference giving the mandap that old-school charm. Saves the cost of the LEDs anyway.

  4. Solo colors or contrasting colors?: A wedding event planner is always careful about the color combination they use for the mandap. Do you like it in monochrome or do you like a mix of bright and light colors? Should you go solo on the pastels or should you go bonkers on the color pallet? It completely is up to you to decide how would you want it. We suggest you stick to the colors of the season to keep it more authentic. Use the hues which go well with the mood of the day. You can also mix and match those bright colors and deck it up with another accessory just to make it more beautiful.

So, which one is your favorite?


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