New Dupatta Trends for Your 2018 Wedding!
21.04.2018 12:42

The bridal outfit is one of the most important attire that a bride shops for. After all, all eyes are on her on the wedding day and it is essential that she looks drop dead gorgeous. So, it hardly comes as a surprise that brides spend hours and hours picking out the outfit that they want to wear on their wedding day.

However, the bridal outfit is always incomplete without a dupatta. The dupatta sets the tone of the entire outfit. It could be bright and vivacious, sparkly, sequinned or even gorgeously breath-taking, bridal outfits are incomplete without the dupatta. Therefore, this particular piece of clothing needs to be picked out consciously such that the dress shines out and still makes it the hero of the wedding ceremony.

Top wedding planners keep a track of the wedding trends as it is a part of their job. Be it decorative products or latest trends of the bridal outfit, all wedding planners in Udaipur ensure that they stay in touch with the latest trends so that you are the gorgeous bride out there. Top wedding planners work round the clock to ensure that your wedding outfit syncs with the latest color of the season and is fashionable as possible without hurting the ethnic quotient of the dress.

So, what dupatta trends do you need to follow this wedding season? Let’s find out!

  1. Plain Dupatta with a sequinned lace border: A dynamic lehenga that you have your eyes on, demands that your dupatta be plain because too many sequences in a single outfit are downright gawdy. However, a plain and simple dupatta with some minimalistic sequins in the border can set you up for a look to behold. Not only does it accentuate the design of your lehenga but also adds weight to your dupatta which prevents it from falling off.

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  2. Stripes on the inner and outer edges: So, you have been inspired to wear the heaviest lehenga available by the top wedding planners in Udaipur and you have managed to pull it off. Pair it with a matching dupatta which has contrasting stripes on the inner lining or the outer lining such that it stands out from the rest of the outfit. And it makes a great prop for all those over the head shots which comprise your candid pictures.

  3. Tucking the Dupatta in a Waist belt (Yup, inspired by Bollywood): You could choose of the plainest dupattas with a designer lehenga and always tuck it in a waist-belt to stay to stay hassle free. It is possible to pull off this look easily with the help of the top wedding planners who have a team working round the clock to make you feel and look like a princess.

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  4. Ruffled Dupattas are the new in thing: You have only imagined the 90s to have ruffled garments. However, the ruffles are back and how. Setting the latest trends of dupatta designs, a ruffled design is one of the most sought-after designs. You could wear it on the side or as a cape, you would be a super bride anyway!


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