Stage Decoration Ideas with Flowers
19.06.2018 19:22

You may have envisioned your wedding many times in your life. You need a stunning center stage to capture everyone’s attention. The eye-capturing stage decor will make the perfect backdrop for the wedding pictures with your family and friends. As the stage has the top-most priority in Indian weddings, you need the skilled and passionate people to assist you to execute the stage design perfectly. The top wedding planners have creativity, grace, handcrafted elegance, and focus on intricate details to give you the dream stage for your wedding. Make your wedding stage unique from the others with the exceptional decoration ideas using flowers.

  • Minimal Decoration: If you dream of a wedding with minimal decor but the maximum impact, then the contrasting colors with flowers can do the trick. The wedding planner in Udaipur can create a sensational stage with light shades of color and minimal flower bunches for a visual treat to the guests. The shades that light the stage will look enticing with the flower bunches.

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  • Embellished Flower Draping: The top wedding planners can include the wow-factor in your wedding stage by adding elaborate flower draping. The flower bunches, bouquets, etc. will add charm to the stage décor. You wedding sofa will get special attention with the exquisite flowers to make it look like a mesmerizing painting.

  • Regal White: You can opt for a regal wedding theme with the help of the wedding planner in Udaipur to make the stage look elegant and enticing. The white theme with beautiful flowers, drapes, and curtains in the monotone will make the decor look sophisticated and stylish. The excellent combination of flowers in white will make the center stage appealing.

  • Pearly Stage: You can have a big fat wedding that exudes royalty with the pearly stage adorned with red flowers. The red flowers will add vibrancy and charm to the wedding stage to make it look glamorous. The top wedding planners can execute the out-of-the-box idea with sophistication as the pearls and red with have an alluring appeal.

  • Fairy Tale Stage: If you love your Disney cartoons, then you may have envisioned your wedding to look like a fairy tale. The top wedding planners can set an ice castle with massive floral frames on the ceiling to bring the romantic element to your wedding. You will feel transported to another world with the stunning floral arrangement that replicates the fairy tale. The grand yet classy style of stage décor will make an impression on your guests.

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  • Inverted Bouquet: Get creative and try the wooden frames with floral arrangements. Add an exotic twist to the décor with the inverted flower bouquet hangings to add elegance to the stage. It will make your seating look classy as the color-coordinated cushions will make the stage look exquisite.

The center stage holds high significance in Indian weddings as the couple sits there, of it is the integral part that needs focus. The wedding planner in Udaipur will help you get the stunning stage decorated with exquisite flowers to match the theme of your wedding. It will make the wedding photos look amazing and add alluring charm to the album. With the professional assistance, you get an enticing stage for the most important event of your life. The sophisticated and charming stage décor with flowers will make your wedding picture drool-worthy.


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