5 Impactful ways to create your event stage design for your big day
09.04.2018 17:53

A wedding is one of the happiest days of one’s life. The ceremonies, the scenarios, the party vibe all sets up the mood of the guests and the ones getting married. You are sorted and done with every other ceremony and the decor has been amazing. It’s time for your guests and the baarat or the groom-squad to arrive at the wedding destination. It’s the wedding stage that demands attention and it shouldn’t be anything otherwise. Curating ideas from the top 10 wedding planners in India, we have a consolidated list of suggestion which you can use for your wedding stage to make it stand out. After all, it does feel good to inspire others to do the same for their weddings!

  • Flowers, lights,and Floral Light!!: What is a wedding without flowers or lights? Wedding planners in India or anywhere in the world will vouch for the fact that flowers and lights are the best when it comes to wedding decorations. The best wedding planners in India, even if minimalistic, opt for a floral arrangement for the wedding stage with lucrative lights which bring out the color in more ways than one.

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  • Royally Beautiful: Red and gold are the go-tocolors for any Indian wedding. Be it the best wedding planner in India or the top designers, an Indian wedding is incomplete with the mentioned color combination. It is pure and royal. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that destination wedding planners in the country would skip it when it comes to a traditional wedding stage set up.

  • Drapes that are bright and dreamy: That slight breeze blowing the drapes away is as dreamy as it could get. Not only does it add a lot of drama to the decoration, but also adds the much-needed oomph to the setup. Satin drapes with bright crystals and lights make you energetic and beautiful. Not to mention the beautiful background it adds to your wedding pictures!

  • Pastel all the way: Pastel shades are one of the most under-rated styles as mentioned by the wedding planners in India. Pastels in complementary shades make up for the beautiful day weddings. You could implement it as drapes, the thrones, floral bouquet decorations and so much more. You could make it interesting by implementing the same with quirky ideas which just make it breath-taking.

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  • White and Gold, pearl and more flowers: Tired of the traditional royal set up? Choose the most traditional Kerala style décor which goes white and gold all the way. Contrasting dark shades of flowers neatly arranged in beautiful arrangements makes the stage look neat and classy at all levels. Integrate a pearly white and golden arrangements across the stage in the form of chandeliers and cushions to accentuate the color combination. It could be ionic pillars which give the backdrop a beautiful fort-like feel.

So, which wedding stage décor is your top pick? Would you go for something royal and classy, or would you stick to simple and elegant for that stage decoration?


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