A Dream Palace - Wedding Destination In India
16.02.2018 21:04

Destination weddings are the new in a thing of the wedding season. Be it in the beautiful lands of Jaipur, Udaipur or even Goa, the couplehas been privy to the location and area they want to get married in. A wonderful day is what everyone wishes for their wedding day. Wedding planners in India, ensure that your wedding day is indeed the happiest day of your life.

Be it a pre-wedding photoshoot or a post-wedding video, a dreamy palatial destination is always on the top of the list. Few of the best wedding planners in India will vouch for the fact that you book in advance in order to get a setting according to your desired dates. Venues such as Jaipur and Udaipur get filled in super-fast due to their excessive demand. After all, everyone deserves to feel royal on their wedding day.

Be it the TajMahal palace or the Udaipur Palace, a wedding destination needs to be thought out through. Is it large enough for the number of guests you have invited? Do the hotel and palace provide ample accommodation? Do they have sufficient catering provisions, so on and so forth? A wedding planner in India is one whom you should collaborate with to make your business an easy one.

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Do your research and find the correct destination for your wedding. Shortlist the top 10 wedding planners in India who can recommend that perfect place that you have been looking for to make that dreamy palace wedding a reality. You could go off-beat and try out the unexplored locations of Mysore, Kesroli, Jodhpur, and the likes if you want a quiet and quaint wedding to take place with only the presence of a few close friends and family.

For example, Maharaja Ajit Singh’s Palace in Jodhpur is one of the most recommended spots by the best wedding planners in India. A stark example of royalty and hospitality all bonded in one single destination, a Jodhpur wedding couldn’t have been any better. The exquisite latticework, a beautiful courtyard and the impeccable folk surrounding, the palace features can be customized to accommodate your wedding in a complete Rajasthani Style.

Similarly, if you want to go all grand and amazing on the wedding, you can always rope in a couple of elephants who can lead the procession followed by a band. Stylish and traditional groom and bridal entry are one of the norms, All this and more is made available by the best wedding planners in India at the Taj HariMahal Palace which is a palatial ground and hotel with a capacity of 450 acres. Bask in the glory of the palace as your guests get to enjoy the most graceful form of royal hospitality at the hands of the staff there. A desert theme gala dinner under the canopy of fireworks, did you say it’s amazing yet?

Find that perfect planner from your Top 10 wedding planners in India list to find the one who can make your dream wedding come alive for you without any hassles.


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