Are You Planning An Indian Wedding – Here’s A Complete Guide Book
19.02.2018 13:39

Indian weddings are notoriously popular for being exclusively colorful and fun. Anyone who is planning an Indian wedding should be hands-on available to face all the or deals because let’s face it; you cannot make everyone happy. However, you can make an effort to make it worth the effort in collaboration with your destination wedding planner in India.

But what do you need to take care of?

Fret not, because we have got you covered.

  1. Always have a plan: Having a route map is always recommended, be it for career goals or the most important day of your life. Do not just jump into the idea of getting married. You are a smart Indian woman, therefore, plan out your entire wedding out beforehand. A destination wedding planner in India can help you figure out the things you like and dislike so that you can customize your wedding.

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  2. Do not do anything anyway: Do not make it horrible. Set realistic expectations. You might have imagined a fairy-tale wedding, but being practical helps too! Do not check the tasks off your list randomly. Ensure that everything is covered and is done well such that you do not have to keep going back to the list for every petty reason.

  3. Your opinion and choice should be the final one: Everyone in the wedding party will have an opinion and suggestion about everything that comes their way. But if you start catering to everyone’s demands, you lose control of your own wedding. Therefore, learn diplomacy that would help you move on if the idea does not suit your style.

  4. It’s not always about you: You are getting married and that is amazing. But there are families involved too. You need to take your mother and mother in law’s opinion into consideration because they matter. Negotiation skills are put to test under such circumstances. There would be several things that you would want mutually. But, the number of differences are usually higher. Therefore, if your family is picking up the cheque here, give in. After all, seeing them happy is satisfaction too!

  5. Invest where it is needed. Be miser where it is required: Cutting corners is an inherent need when it comes to organizing an Indian Wedding. Even if you wish to hire one of the top 10 wedding planners in India, it is not a feasible option if you are more focused on cutting corners. Destination wedding planners in India operate on a budget. Therefore, you need to discuss it clearly with them and set your expectations right. Cost cutting at the right places can help you save big bucks but then you don’t want to ruin your wedding reception because of bad choices.

Keeping a tab on the wedding clothes, ensuring that your guests are having a great time, constant consultation with the destination wedding planner in India can help you stay on top of things for many reasons. Do things that you know you will enjoy instead of just giving in to them because everyone else is doing them. Make smart choices for an amazing wedding day.


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