The monsoon season just passed by and dates for weddings in coming year is out. And yours comes around the monsoons next year. With winters being “the wedding season”, an idea of having monsoon wedding seems little impossible these days. Well not anymore!! Choose the unconventional and tie the knot in next monsoon season. Yes, getting married in monsoon might sound out of the box; however it is romantic and exciting at the same time. The monsoon season just got over; however it is always good to get mentally prepared well in advance as wedding is an unforgettable event in one’s life.

Getting married in monsoons has its own perks. The venues and caterers are pre-booked between October – February, the most economical part of getting married in the rainy season is - the best is available at lowest cost. If you are a monsoon bride, you can get your desired venue even a month in advance. Be it the shoes or lehenga, there are good sales going on at that time of the year. You can even plan a memorable destination wedding (as other things fall much within your budget). Infact, why not plan your dream wedding in Royal Destinations next monsoon season. What can be better than getting married in Rajasthan!!?? An absolutely majestic and regal set-up for your BIG DAY!! You can start browsing the locations and venues.

Now you have an idea about the venue, let’s talk on the pre-planning part. You surely would have thought of hiring a wedding planner. If not, then think again, having wedding planners is advised because they have strong contacts with venues and vendors and they arrange your BIG DAY professionally well within your budget, so that you and your family just enjoy the lavish ceremonies. Start looking for wedding planners and tell them your requirements. Ask your wedding planner to arrange water proof tents at the venue. Organize all the rituals indoors. Indoor venues with glass walls or windows can add splendor to the ceremonies. Instead of conventional floral wedding décor, you can create a magical “folk-story” like ambience with unique and graceful decorations using candles, mason jars, fish bowls, ribbons, threads, curtains, crystals and the list can go on and on. Why not “rains” as theme of the wedding!! Use umbrellas, fountains, rainbow colors for the decorations. You can even arrange a show stealing rain dance party for your friends. A rainbow photo-booth backdrop with funny weather related placards will definitely add the required humor and fun to the wedding. And of course play a list of classic monsoon songs to go with the theme.

As the venue and theme is sorted, what’s yet to be discussed is a major attraction of weddings – FOOD.  Well you have guests from different regions of the country or world to be a part of your special day. Apart from a very warm and personal hospitality, food is another way to make their stay memorable. Since it is a monsoon wedding, with weather being pleasantly cool, having live counters, chaats, and yes, traditional Rajasthani food is a good option. These days, flavored coffee and tea stations are quite in trend. Add Kesar or Masala Milk in a kulladh for a traditional touch. If you’re starting early, start off with masala tea and an assortment of vadas and pakodas. For dinner, piping hot soup will definitely work and for desserts jalebi with rabri is a big hit.

Hope now monsoon theme wedding is as fun and memorable as planning weddings in other seasons of the year.

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