Destination Wedding In Jaipur With A Disney-Inspired Mehndi Set-up!
28.03.2018 00:48

Weddings demand that they be grand and happy, filled with multiple ceremonies which set the mood for the next couple of days until the ceremony is completely over. It is a dire necessity these days it should comprise all the basic ceremonies such as mehndi, sangeet, haldi, mockups and the final wedding ceremony, after a bachelor and bachelorette party of course!

From Disney inspired wedding shoes, clothes and everything else, it was only likely that wedding planner in Jaipur experimented with a Disney inspired wedding ceremony. Starting low key was the mehndi ceremony which caught the eye of every event management company in Jaipur. The pink city is notoriously famous for its destination wedding concepts and is known to be the best among all others in the country. Therefore, be it any low scale wedding company or the best wedding planners in Jaipur, Disney theme ceremonies were the highlights and are expected to stay the same for the next couple of years.

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One might wonder how a Disney theme mehndi ceremony turns out like. Well, it’s Disney and the options are practically endless. You and your bridesmaids could dress up as Disney princesses for the mehndi occasion. The decor could be inspired by any of the princess stories. You could go all jazzy and fancy with a Beauty and The Beast theme and have a slow waltz playing in the background. You could bring out Disney theme décor which can set the mood for an adult yet nostalgic experience.

Every Disney story is a fairy-tale and it gets as dreamy as any wedding could. You have royalty, honesty inspiring stories which resonate with your personality. Every Disney princess has a best friend. To compensate that you have your bride gang who can be styled exclusively by the wedding planners in Jaipur to suit the setup.

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Mehndi ceremonies call for a lot of floral designs. Integrate that with your dress, jewelry, mehndi designs, décor and everything else to feel like one of the princesses who has stood for bravery and lot of courage. You could plan your entrance in a carriage which is straight out of the Tale of Cinderella. You could pair your slippers like those of the former princess and have it custom made of glass or anything similar.

Going overboard with the princess theme is really easy. That is where an event management company in Jaipur comes to your rescue. Maintain the tone of the Disney but keeping it classy is a challenge. Therefore, instead of overdoing it, do one piece at a time. Pick out your favorite Disney princess and take cues from her to set the tone of your mehndi ceremony.

You could have the groom join the gang as Prince Charming. Inspiration from Rapunzel can get you great hairstyles which you can sport during the ceremony. A fairy-tale affair, the wedding can resonate with your qualities and style just like it does in all Disney movies. A happy ending with many smiling faces and the most soothing music in place, that is how a mehndi should be!


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