Here Are The Costs Bridesmaids Are Expected To Cover!
23.01.2018 17:55

Your friend is getting married in an exotic location to her sweetheart and has chosen you as her bridesmaid. While you may feel honored, there are certain costs that you need to cover as a bridesmaid without relying on the bride. The destination wedding planner in India will arrange everything needed for your friend’s wedding to make it perfect. But, here are the costs of things you need to cover from your pocket;

  • Travel and Accommodation: Your friend’s wedding is well planned by the best wedding planner in India as they would have spotted the most exotic location for organizing the wedding. Work closely with the destination wedding planner in India to know the travel and hotel details. They can also assist you in finding a perfect accommodation and flight on the date that is reasonable. Pay for your travel and accommodation from your pocket as it is your responsibility.

  • Wedding Attire: The wedding planner in India will design a wedding theme that your friend may find beautiful. Know about the color, style, and setting of the wedding to decide an attire you will wear for the wedding ceremony. You can buy your dress that will suit perfectly well with the wedding theme to enhance your beauty in photographs. The destination wedding planner can give you suggestions on the right choices that will suit the wedding locations and the décor. They can also suggest the places to buy the attire to give you a cost effective deal.

  • Bachelorette Party: Organize a bridal shower/bachelorette party for the bride as she is saying goodbye to her single life. The destination wedding planner in India can give you suggestions to conduct the suitable bridal shower at the exotic locations that will touch her heart. The bridal shower must have fun activities that will make everyone’s time enjoyable. The wedding planner can help you with the arrangements of the party that you will finance to make her feel happy.

  • Wedding Gift: The gift is an appreciation to show how much she values to you. So, you can talk to her wedding planner in India to know the right gift that will touch her heart and make her feel special. The Destination Wedding planner in India can inform you about the right places you can get the gift that will make her wedding day perfect.

  • Makeup and Draping Costs: Spend your own money to get ready for the big day to look elegant along with your best friend. Never rely on the wedding party to pay for your makeup and draping costs. So, consult the destination wedding planner in India to get you a good deal on the makeup and other costs as they have the right contacts.

A wedding is a special occasion that completely transforms a girl’s life, so as the bridesmaid you have responsibilities. You need to understand the costs that you need to cover, so you do not put a financial strain on the wedding party. The wedding planner in India can guide you in doing the right things that will make your best friend’s wedding memorable.


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