International trends in Indian weddings
29.11.2017 17:43

We Indians are always fascinated by International trends, be it in fashion or culture, we try to incorporate some bit of westernization to everything to make it more sophisticated and elegant. Top 10 wedding planner in India often tries to incorporate some sort of contemporary western touch to Indian wedding ceremonies to make it or present it in a uniquely different manner. Some of the most established and renowned wedding decorator in Jaipur prefers using thewestern style in almost every other pure Indian wedding ceremony to make it a lively and more memorable one to be cherished for alifetime.

Acknowledging the western culture in today's Indian wedding ceremonies is a new concept that is highly appreciated and encouraged by top 10 wedding planner in India. The cultures of east and west might be different but when blended together, the composition brings out an innovative and unique wedding concept that is cherished as a memory for alifetime by both the couple and the guests.

  1. Western-themed wedding ceremonies: More and more enthusiasts often seek unique and different ways to gather more attention from the guests by organizing a wedding based on a western theme. Enhancing the decor and stage with floral decorations and balloons are the new it thing today seen in every other wedding ceremony. Choosing the elegant colors rather than the traditional red ones is also a trending way to give a contemporary modern outlook to the overall wedding ambiance.

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  2. Bridal Showers: Every other wedding decorator in Jaipur keeps account of changing international trends and often tries to incorporate some aspect of it in the big fat Indian weddings. The weddings are much merrier and blissful with a blend of east and west. A bridal shower is a new concept in India. It is similar to a wedding party that is conducted for the bride to be with thecompany of her close friends and relatives. The party includes several girlish décors, fun games, and showering of loads blessings and gifts on the beautiful bride.

  3. Bouquet throwing for the single ladies around: It is seen in many Hollywood and today in some Bollywood masala movies as well. The bride on the day of wedding blindfolded tosses her flower bouquet to single ladies. It is a belief in thewest that that one who catches the bouquet will get married next. This beautiful concept is one of the most awaited ceremonies today, which makes for a great photo capturing moments as well.

  4. Going for self-curated wedding themes: This is one of the trendiest concepts today. Brides and grooms on their special day are not bounded by traditional wedding rules. Wear what you like and arrange the way you like- in a way curate your wedding ceremony in your own innovative manner within the same budget.

  5. Cake cutting ceremonies: A wedding is ended in a fruitful manner with blessings from near and dear ones. The wedding ceremony is accomplished by cutting a grand theme based cake by the couple to commemorate their marriage vows. The cake symbolizes the sweet moments in the upcoming married life.

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