Mandap Decoration Ideas For Your Day
25.07.2018 01:28

Indian wedding incorporates a lot of culture and tradition in it, so it offers a visual treat to people witnessing it. If you are getting married, then you need to understand the importance of mandap in your ceremony. It is the most sanctimonious place, where you take the vow to spend the rest of your life with your sweetheart. It also is the point of ritualistic focus as you take the seven rounds around the fire pledging your devotion and dedication to your other half. As all you guests focus their attention on the mandap, you need creative ideas to make it visually enticing. The wedding decorator in Jaipur will transform your ordinary mandap into something right out from your dreams to attract and appease the eyes of your guests. With the creative and innovative ideas, you can leave your guests speechless.

  • Floral Flourish: Flowers are an integral part of our culture, so you add opt for the mandap with flowers only. The wedding event planner can use fresh flowers to decorate the mandap in style. The canopy out of the flowers that match the style and theme of your wedding supported on the four pillars will add the charm. You can also opt for the curtains of flowers to convert it into a makeshift mandap.

  • Royal Chandeliers: If you have a dream about getting wed in royal style, then your mandap must resemble a royal palace. Sounds impossible? No, because the wedding decorator in Jaipur can make your wedding look royal and regal. By creating a canopy with flowers and suspending a grand chandelier from the middle, you mandap will exude sophistication.

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  • Candle/Diya Backdrop: Opt for the out-of-the-ordinary decoration ideas by adding the diya and candles to the mandap décor. The wedding event planner can place the diya in the backdrop and forgo flowers to enhance the beauty of the stage. It adds charm and makes the mandap look exquisite. It will create a lovely ambiance to enhance the feel of your wedding.

  • Contrasting Decor: The wedding decorator in Jaipur can create a mandap design that is bright and soft at the same time. The use of contrasting colors will add vibrancy to your décor. The vibrant colors will reflect your joy of starting the new life and the celebration of your love. You can suggest the ideas, which is executed with perfection by the skills team.

  • Outdoor Mandap: If you are having an outdoor wedding, then you have a lot of option and color choices to make the decor stunning. The wedding event planner can choose the appropriate themes, style with a touch of nature to create the ideal décor for your wedding. Adding the natural flowers, twigs, and other appealing elements will complement the mandap design.

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With the wedding around the corner, you can get confused and frustrated about what style to choose for the mandap decoration. Getting the assistance from the wedding decorator in Jaipur can eliminate the confusion as the skilled experts can suggest the best themes, colors, and styles for your décor to make it look exclusive and exquisite.


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