The pre-wedding Photo Shoot Is On The Hype, And We Have Some Tips For You.
07.02.2018 00:10

In the age of Instagram and Twitter, aren’t weddings all about photographs these days? On the brighter side, whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage, the pre-wedding photo shoots acts as a platform for the betrothed couple to spend some quality time with each other. The wedding planner in India strives hard to portray the essence of the couple to its fullest. A perfect picture is the one that is worth hanging on the wall. If you are confused as to how you need to prepare for your pre-wedding shoot, here is some light for you so that you can make the necessary preps in the beforehand.

  • Find a photographer that matches your style: The first thing is to book a photographer who can showcase your love. Before hiring anyone just browse through their previous works and get a fair idea whether they match your personality or not. Instead of getting disappointed at the end of the day, it is much better to move on to the photographer you like. If you have the best destination wedding planner in India, then don’t think twice and book them for the photo shoot as well.

  • What to wear?: Well, this might be a tough task. Make sure to look your best in the pictures. So, go shopping, be stylish and accessorize. You can pick the same costumes for the entire photo shoot or change into the new ones based on your convenience. If you are planning on more than one costume, then make sure you don’t forget something like your jacket at home.

  • Pick a location: The location you pick will make you look larger than life. If you are confident and have enough budget, you can also go outdoors for destination photo shoots. The destination wedding planner in India will also help you in suggesting some exotic locations so that you can rule out some from the plethora of choices available. Choose a more secluded and yet stunning place so that you can click some romantic and beautiful pictures.

  • Value additions: If you want to, you can add your mutual friends, best friends, family or even your adorable pet into the photo shoot and get clicked. Tell your additions to follow the dress code. Also when you have a large gathering, you also get a lot of ideas and pointers from the members.

  • Have fun: As you are all set, take some lovely pictures, focus on having a good time with your partner. Rather than worrying about what the photographer is doing, have trust in them and have a great time. Instead of your awkward moments, let the photographer capture the fun side of you. Don’t be casual and let the photographer add some magic on you by suggesting some romantic poses, ideas, etc.

Remember the best wedding planner in India will never complain about the location and can make any place look nice with his creative vision. “A picture speaks a thousand words.” So, get together, have ultimate fun and click some awesome pictures that are worth cherishing for the rest of your lives.


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