These Are Some of the Must Have Engagement Pics
28.02.2018 15:53

How many times have you seen a couple who have been mutual friends get married and stroll into their zone of happily ever after? Doesn’t that make you just want to find that man of your dreams and get married right then?

It has been a while since you have been wondering why he hasn’t popped the question, but then one day he does! Isn’t that just a picture perfect moment? Engagement calls for engagement pictures. Period. But don’t do what everyone else is doing, because you are special and you need to nail it in all the style that you can gather! Seek help from that wedding planner in Udaipur to get the best pictures clicked for you.

Running out of ideas? We are here to help you out!

  1. The casual ring shot: Pre-weddings are the newest trend on the block and one might think that it is the best possible way to announce it. However, an engagement picture with a casual ring shot that shows off the best couture with a slender finger with the ring in focus, takes away the cake any day.

  2. A mutual interest or the place of proposal: If anyone tells you that they do not wish to be clicked secretly while being proposed, do not believe them. Everyone wants it and without an exception. So head over to the place you first saw her and pop the question, make it dramatic and get that wedding planner in Udaipur to hire the best wedding photographers who can capture the entire moment in a few frames.

  3. Go ultra-romantic: If not now, when. Engagement is the time to go all over the top on the romance quotient. And all wedding planners in Udaipur and even the wedding photographers would recommend that you get that overly romantic poses done for your engagement pictures. It’s dreamy, it is essential and it is the best possible way to encapsulate the love you have for each other. The vows that you decided to fulfill together, adding a picture to remember that all your life isn’t cheesy at all. Climb those mountains or pipes, whatever feels romantic, engagement is the perfect time to do it.

  4. Engagement with elements: Don’t mix business and pleasure, but you ought to mix your engagement with interests because that brings alive the best in you. If you love working out and she loves being the fashionista, why not do it just as it is. Go bonkers on the poses and styles. Bring out the steaming chemistry between you and set that frame on fire. It is bound to be a memory for a lifetime. When you sit back and look back at it, it would bring back a fleet of memories. Doesn’t that make you want to fall in love all over again?

  5. Quirky moments: Quirky is the new stylish. You could go all amazingly quirky for the pictures, Do it with your would be bridesmaids or groomsmen and sum it up all in one single picture. Be the one who is taken and inspires others for a gorgeous wedding! Did you talk to your wedding planner in Udaipur already?


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