Traditional Wedding Decoration Ideas
10.11.2017 23:14

Wedding all over the world is always fun and excitement. But when it comes to Indian weddings, other than fun and excitement it is something more. They are full of energy, colors, and lights. But the most crucial part of an Indian wedding is the rituals. There are lots of rituals starting from the very first day to the last minute of the last day. Decor is the main thing that needs to be taken care of. Weddings without proper decoration, just cannot be a wedding. And to get a suitable wedding decoration, you need to consult some good decoration expert.

Before any big event planning is the most important thing. There are theme weddings taking place nowadays, and everything is sync to the theme from dress to jewelry to the wedding card. But these planning are done by wedding planners. Wedding planners in Udaipur are the best for traditional wedding decorations. Decoration according to the theme is essential. The perfect set of decoration includes colors, flowers, drapes, lights and all.

  • COLORS: Colors are one of the most important parts of any wedding. The trending theme is to pick a color that will be the main color of the event. Jewelry, dress, varmala everything, should be a reflection of the color theme that was chosen. In Hindus, there has been an interest in some particular colors like Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold and Royal Blue though the most preferred remain Red and Gold. White and blue can also be a good option. Wedding planners in Udaipur also have a great idea of giving colors to the theme in accordance with the season.

  • Drapes: Drapes can add a lot to your decoration. It can just give that unique wedding feel. The drapes matched with the theme colors can add a very good mood to the wedding. Drapes added with lights and flowers can add that extra bit to the decor.

  • Flowers: Flowers are an essential part of the wedding. Starting from standard marigold to the rare orchids and lilies it's all your choice. The main gate from where the entry will take place can be made with flowers matching the theme. In traditional weddings, wedding planners in Udaipur prefer strings of marigolds hanging all over the place.

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  • Lights: Wedding planners in Udaipur have the right planning with lights. Perfect lighting can add the charm to your mood. Lighting is perhaps the most important aspect of weddings. From the stage where the marriage will happen to the gate from where the entry will happen everything must be synced with the theme.

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  • Food: The food must also be in sync with the theme. The waiters serving food and drinks should alsobe dressed according to the theme. Wedding planners in Udaipur have the right choice of food for you to choose upon.

    Apart from these things the Main stage- where the bride and the groom will seat and the Mandap where the marriage will take place should be very well decorated with keeping the theme in mind. The Mandap should have an overhead canopy that lights up the mood.

    Wedding planners in Udaipur give one of the most innovative ideas when it comes to traditional weddings. Setting up a set like Udaipur Palace can also be a great idea.


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