Wedding Decorator Ideas
10.04.2018 18:07

What is a wedding without decorations anyway? It is a wedding after all and it calls for grand scale wedding decorations without a question. Wedding decoration in Jaipur is one of the most under-rated features given that minimalism is the new design. However, if you are one of those couples who like that touch of grandeur and royalty in your wedding, scouting the web for wedding decoration ideas can be indeed challenging.

But how do you find a great wedding decorator in Jaipur?

Finding a wedding decorator is indeed one of the toughest tasks because they are the ones who would set the tone for the wedding. Whether the decoration has to be modern, contemporary, stylish and chic or just plain royalty, a wedding event planner or that wedding decorator in Jaipur can suggest you the best options. So how do you pick them?

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Research of course! Ask your friends and extended family of friends for suggestions. You could also browse multiple social networking sites to get an idea of what the work of the recommended wedding decorator looks like. This will give you a heads up about what to talk about when you meet them in person. You could ask for a portfolio of their work which has been done and recognized in the past for your own satisfaction.

What wedding decoration ideas should you go for?

The number of options when it comes to wedding decorations are endless. You could stick to the same set up of decoration for all your ceremonies or go big and bold by doing a plethora of them for every occasion. If going easy on the budget for the wedding decoration is one of the priorities, you could select frugal options which are still gorgeous to make up for it.

Opt for floral arches, canopies, steps with floral inclusions to give it a pretty and summer-like feel. If you are passionate about the season, go for the seasonal blooms in the area and integrate it with the wedding decorations.

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Your wedding decorator in Jaipur can get wedding event planners to organize the flowers of your liking to make that dream come true. The aisle can be thus converted into the likes of Japanese cherry blossoms in an arch across the stretch which is not only straight out of a fairy-tale but one of the most recommended designs for a themed destination wedding. Your bridal entry aisle can be like those of the Disney princesses that you have grown up admiring.

Opt for options such as drapes and everything vintage to give a delicate yet rustic feel to the area. You could make use of wine barrels which can act as a stand for the flowers or even substitute it to tavern like tables which is gorgeous and comfortable too.

You could also concentrate on the kind of venue you have to design. Opt to drape the ceilings instead of painting the whole place red or white with floral blossoms only. Get a background wall which is quirky and catches the eye to keep your guests distracted for a while too.


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