What exactly is the story behind the Indian Ritual Wedding Dress?
02.12.2017 12:48

Indian wedding is amazing. With the wedding season around the corner, it is highly essential that the naive and new bride-to-be understands the rituals and customs behind every step she is going to take. Not only does it set her up for all the expectations and ceremonies, but also allows her to have an insight into what she is signing up for. Be it the quintessential traditional bride or a modern one, rituals are unavoidable and it shouldn’t be anything otherwise.

Bright, colorful and vibrant shades are mandatory when it comes to an Indian wedding. So why should the bridal wear be anything different? Red, yellow, orange, green and other primary shades are identified as good luck when it comes to a Hindu wedding. But why red and gold? One might ask.

Be it any part of the country, any wedding planner in Udaipur would tell you that these are the colors that most brides opt for. Golden embroidery signifies prosperity, commitment, fertility, and even spirituality. Red is good luck, red is thecharm, red is everything that signifies holy. Red is the color of the sun setting, the color of Mars and signifies doses of fertility and well-being. That is why most Indian wedding dresses have a lot of influences of red and gold.

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Modern brides do choose offbeat pastel shades, but some things are unavoidable. Be it a North Indian wedding or a South Indian one, a bride would have a dash of red and gold incorporated in her wedding.

Be it your shaadi, sangeet or Mehendi organized by the top-notch wedding planners in Udaipur, red is difficult to get rid of. In a cultural context, red does make an appearance on all the occasions. The Indian wedding attire signifies the bond that is to ensure a lifetime. The bride has to undergo the mandatory 16 stages of dressing up (read wow ladies!!). The make-up, jewelry, clothes, shoes, everything forms the basic part of the attire. Your wedding planners in Udaipur make sure that you get the best of both worlds.

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There is no specific mention in history or any scripture that one is bound to wear a saree. It differs from cultures and traditions. For example, if you go shopping with your wedding planner in Udaipur, they will tell you the most recent trends in wedding shopping. Be it a designer lehenga or the humble nine-yard saree, the choice is yours and yours only to pick. There are several colors which identify themselves with charm, good luck, and prosperity. Anything that is not too gaudy or black is welcome at a wedding.

Indian wedding rituals are so beautiful and the wedding planners in Udaipur just add to the entertainment quotient of it with their master of ceremonies making it even more amazing. Choose your bridal theme and communicate that idea to the wedding planner in Udaipur that you chose! Be the quirky bride who makes a grand entrance in all her wedding glory and makes that wedding a memorable one!


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